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Women’s Corner: How Female Sex Toys Can Help Your Sex Life

While some women suggests that using a female sex toy helps increase sexual pleasure, there still thousands of women who think otherwise and it is considered as a taboo.

Did you know that using sex toys has benefits too? Here are some interesting facts on how female sex toys can help women’s sex life:

  1. Sexual pleasure

It is no brainer that the primary purpose of sex toys is to provide sexual pleasure during sex with a partner or doing it with oneself. Depending on how you use the sex toy and what it is, it gives a different taste of sexual pleasure than having sex without one.

  1. Boosts sexual performance

As sexual pleasure heightens when you use sex toys during sex, it also boosts sexual performance. Foreplay with sex toys encourages both you and your partner to explore something that you and your partner haven’t experienced yet, which makes sex more exciting, leading you and your partner to greater heights of sexual pleasure. However, the intensity of sexual pleasure of using sex toys may depend on how to use the toy artistically. So, before you decide to use the toy when having sex, you have to read some articles on how to use it correctly to get the best sexual pleasure during sex.

  1. Rejuvenates the vagina

Yup! You’ve read it right.

It may sound uncomfortable for some, but using sex toys has health benefits too, particularly on women. According to gynecological research, there are sex toys that can help rejuvenate the vagina; when a woman is experiencing low levels of estrogen production, her vaginal walls become tight and dry, which is the reason why there are women that experiences painful sex or low sex drive. However, with the help of sex toys, especially vibrator, it helps improve the vaginal lubrication during sex, as well as, it helps improve the elasticity and the tone of the vaginal wall.

Additionally, using a sex toy or vibrator weeks after childbirth helps keep the vaginal tissue flexible by promoting blood flow to the area as it speeds up the healing process.

  1. Better orgasm

Sex isn’t just about penetration; there are more to that. Sex experts pointed out that foreplay during sex is essential for both parties to experience better orgasm. To make foreplay more exciting, using a sex toy can make you reach an unforgettable climax; however, you need to buy the right sex toy for you to enjoy. If you are too shy receiving one after buying them online, there are responsible online stores that can send it to you unnoticeably – just like Simpli Pleasure, there are lots of options to choose from, as well as, they ship the sex toys discreetly.

  1. Help vaginismus recovery

Vaginismus is an uncomfortable condition in which the vaginal muscles involuntarily squeeze or contraction whenever penetration is attempted. Using a vibrator or a sex toy can help the patient not only to prepare penetration during sex but also slow recovery from vaginismus.

Sex toys may be taboo for some, but there are benefits when you use the right toy.

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