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Relationship Tips

Do the things you did the first time you were dating

As months and years goes on, we start to slide into our sweatpants and get lazy in the relationship. We tend to lose our patience, thoughtfulness, gentleness, understanding and the general effort we used to make towards our mate. Try to go back to the first year of your relationship and write down all the stuff you used to do for and with your partner. Now start doing them again from the beginning.

Ask for what you want

As times passes, we guess that our partner knows us so well that we do not need to ask them for what we want. What happens most of the times when we make this assumption? Expectations are always set, and just as quickly, they will get deflated. Those expectations not met can leave us questioning the usefulness of our connection and partnership. Always keep in mind that “asking for what you want” ranges to everything from emotional to sexual wants.

Become an expert on your partner

Ensure what you think about who your mate actually really is and what always excites him or her in both physical and emotional aspects. We can sometimes become consumed by thinking what he/she wants and needs, instead of checking out what genuinely resounds with the other individual. Remember that it is important to your partner, it does not always have to make sense to you. You have to do it.

Don’t ask “how was your day”

We try to get out of our daily lives mentally and consequently, even our relationship. We tend to rely on the standard question, “How was your day?” the common answer to that boring question will get a boring answer such as, “Fine, how was your day?” it will do nothing to improve your connection with you mate and instead damage it because you are losing the opportunity to connect in a small way continuously. Instead, try asking questions like, “What was the most challenging part of your day?”  or “What made you smile today?” You will surely be amazed at the answers you will get, with the added benefit of gaining greater insight into your significant other.

Create a weekly ritual to check in with one another

It can be in shorter or longer way. But it starts with asking each other what would have worked and did not work about the previous week and what could have been done to improve things in the coming week. Adding to it, use this opportunity to get on the same page with your routines, plan a date night and make sure you talk about what you would like to see what will happen in the coming days, weeks in your relationship. Without an intentional appointment to do a temperature check, unmet needs and resentments can build.

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